Louis's Story

Louis Barnett
Louis Barnett is a 20 year old entrepreneur, chocolatier and conservationist with a passion for producing products of the highest quality.

At the age of 11 Louis was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, and short term memory loss. Louis was then taken out of mainstream education for home schooling. He then pursued a vocational education working at a falconry centre.

Louis’ passion for chocolate started with cakes, when he was asked to made a chocolate cake for his auntie's 50th Birthday. Following the success of this cake came many requests from friends, family and then local delicatessens and restaurants to supply his cakes. Louis interest in chocolate then grew as he learnt many new techniques using chocolate to make cake decorations. It was then that his company Chokolit was set up, which then made Louis the UK’s youngest entrepreneur aged 12.

Whilst researching chocolate products Louis came across an ingredient called palm oil, finding out that this ingredient was causing destruction of animals habitats and destruction of the planet through deforestation. This is the reason why Palm Oil is not used in any Chokolit products.

Louis was spotted by Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolate supplier. By the age of 15 he became the first to receive 'official' sponsorship for all of his training as a chocolatier. Louis continues to attend new courses to maintain his standard as one of the UK's most qualified chocolatiers.

Louis became the youngest ever supplier to Waitrose at 13, Sainsbury’s at 14 and Selfridges 15. Chokolit currently supply to the Co-Op and distribute to many delicatessens and retail outlets throughout the UK. Chokolit bars are now exported globally and the volumes are growing year on year, if you would like to become a distributor then please email us at sales@chokolit.co.uk.
A young Louis Barnett cooking at home
Louis Barnett holding Chokolit bars
Achievements to date
Louis Barnett at awards dinner
Louis Barnett cooking chocolate
If you would like any further information on Chokolit email us at sales@chokolit.co.uk or call 01746 764932